International additions to the RMTC Whanau

We welcomed our second international intern to the team in January. Anthony Switala will be at the Centre for a year whilst he completes his placement for Georgia College and State University. Additionally Australian music therapist Will Darbyshire joined the whanau in April and will be heading up the Hawke's Bay Regional Centre. Their reflections on their first few months at the Centre are featured below ...

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Anthony Switala

I arrived in New Zealand in late January and was immediately welcomed by all staff members at RMTC! In these past few months I have been gradually increasing my caseload by expanding my number of outreach locations, and working as a co-therapist with some of the other therapists onsite. As an instrumentalist, I have developed new activities into music therapy sessions using woodwind and stringed instruments, such as the clarinet, flute, and even the violin!

I am learning more and more each day and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year has to offer.


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Will Darbyshire

I joined the RMTC whanau around two months ago, and have loved every minute of it! Although I am the newest (and first Aussie) member of the team I have felt right at home here at the centre, thanks largely to the kind and welcoming support of the staff, clients, and families. Soon I will repack my suitcase and head to Hawke’s Bay, where I will be working as the music therapist in our first regional centre!

I grew up in sunny Queensland but have lived in Melbourne for the past two years whilst studying my Masters of Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne. As part of my studies I had the opportunity to practice music therapy in India, an experience which completely changed the way I think about music, health, and community.

I’ve always wanted to live and work in New Zealand, and have often looked wistfully across the Tasman. To be able to join RMTC and work with such wonderful clients is an absolute dream come true.

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