Change A Child's Life Today!!

Can you help us change the life of one child this year?  It costs $125 to run one music therapy session for one child or young adult. Many parents and caregivers can afford this.

But there are others who can’t. So we ask them to contribute only what they can afford. Sometimes that’s nothing at all.

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Right now we are working with 24 children whose families are struggling to contribute anything – but we can’t afford to continue subsidising all of them indefinitely. 


You can change the life of one of these children today by committing to contribute to the cost of music therapy sessions for that child.

-          You can support one child for one month this year for only $400.

-          You can support a child for six months for $2,500.

-          A $5,000 contribution supports a child for an entire year.



 Acknowledgement of support in relevant communications, media & events.

 Consultation on a suitable client to support.

 Progress updates on the child’s performance and progress (every six months).

 Simple and individualized payment options.

 Invitations to RMTC events, including our bi annual Gala.  

Support a family and help another child achieve so much more.

For more information on supporting a child, click here or call our Executive Director Carol on 09 360 0889